September 14, 2005


ASH N FAT!!!!!!!!

Heard the latest one????????

Adi Chopra's engaged a fitness expert to put Ash back in shape for Dhoom-2. Thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't get over all that flab she has been showing since Cannes 04!!

random comments

  • It’s not said for nothing that “public memory is very short”. Well, now who’s talking about the declassification of the infamous tapes in which President Carter (oh my god!! I don’t even know whether it was him or someone else!!) used the choicest of invectives for the ex Indian PM Mrs. I Gandhi.
  • The recent decision by the Aditya Birla group to merge 3 of its companies, 2 of them being Indian Rayon & Indo- Gulf Fertilisers, seems like a sound move. Though, I have absolutely NO expertise about business moves and the likes………what’s wrong in giving ur comment. There’s nothing I stand to lose!!