July 10, 2009

Missing SK


long before a film is released...it's music n trailers hit the airwaves...trying to entice the viewers and seduce any unsuspecting individual into watching the film after it's released!!!

such is also the intention of the soon to-be released LOVE AAJ KAL directed by the very spunky Imtiaz Ali. relying on his previous cinematic ventures AND the buzz around this movie, it's definitely gonna be worth one watch AT LEAST!!!

but what makes this blogger squirm slightly...is the track "TWIST". and one person who'd surely be twisting n turning in his grave with disgust is Mr. Hemant Kumar...the music director of 'mann dole mera tann dole'...which has that VERY famous 'nagin' tune. nope...it's not his own compostion that he's regretting NOW. it's the blatant plagiarisation of tht tune and it's incorporation in "TWIST".

oh! n this blogger has a few more grudges against the song!!! Pritam...the music director of LOVE AAJ KAL...is known for his foot-tapping compositions. what he's also known for, on the sly, is copying tunes!!! THAT is one fact which is not really publicised! a simple example wud be the track "yeh ishq hai" from JAB WE MET. it's been copied from a number in some foreign language. go figure!!!

that Imtiaz and Pritam wanted to recreate the "Mauja" magic is quite ostensible from the visuals of this track. WHO can forget the awesome video of Shahid doing some mean moves in "Mauja hi Mauja" from Jab We Met?!!! that song was an INSTANT hit, a chart topper, and STILL rocks on the club scene. it was SO well-loved that posters of the movie..printed in Punjab had Pritam's surname as 'Singh'. the music director was stumped, 'coz he's actually "Chakraborty"! he was then told that the people thought the music director OUGHT to be a punju since he made something so authentically punjabi as 'mauja hi mauja'. Shahid being a trained dancer [from Shiamak's] helped the choreographers Bosco-Caesar in giving him very appealing steps.

where TWIST falters, is the conscious attempt made by Pritam to do something EXACTLY like Mauja. it's very difficult to recreate the same magic. and WHY does one have to? doing a song from that genre is NOT the only way of creating a foot-tapping number and knowing it'll be a hit. and what makes it worse...is the fact that Saif Ali Khan can obviously not dance! n he himself admitted to having two left feet!!! PLUS...his face looks Botox-ed AND his movements don't have fluidity which makes the attempt look clumsy!!!

these people should have opted for someone who's an actual dancer and then had an item song in the flick. anyway, TWIST is part of the end credits...so WHO needed Saif to show off his not-so-smooth movements?!

also, the song's composition itself doesn't have much to make it sound distinguishable. TOO much of beats, make it sound somewhat fuzzy. it's a very cluttered soundtrack. probably the only recongnisable bit about the song is the 'nagin' tune!!!

ideally, i wouldn't wanna listen to it...or dance on it, for tht matter!!! BUT...the latter's probably not gonna happen...'coz seems like the song has caught up n wud be played..at least for sometime...on the DJ circuit.

Imtiaz n Pritam..i can only wish u guys ALL THE BEST for ur next venture together. we hope u come up with some better musical creations!!!