June 10, 2008

Sarkaar 2

The much-awaited RGV saga starring the Bachchan trio is out! Haven’t really checked out the verdict of ‘celebrated’ critics [most of them are biased!]…so this comment is an absolutely personal one…uninfluenced by the powers that might be!

When a sequel to a movie is made [though this statement was hotly denied and the director was even slapped with a notice by the previous producers] comparisons with the previous effort are inevitable. This is also true [amongst other] in case of different ventures by the same creative individual. So…the second [and later] book[s] of an author is bound to be compared with hiher previous ventures. A film director is [more or less] inundated with comment about his PREVIOUS movie/s when he/she comes out with a new offering. When Mani Ratnam’s Yuva released, he was told that Dil Se was a better movie, when Dil Se was released…the air was in favour of Bombay! He nonchalantly said, ‘good, at least the previous movie gets appreciated!’

SARKAAR RAAJ is [in many definitive ways] a carry forward from Sarkaar. RGV clearly said [for both the releases] that it isn’t a political film. The first one was a family drama. So is this one. Only difference being that the magnitude and playing ground of the family has been extended. Besides the addition of a few characters on either side…it is the same old story of trust, betrayal, deceit and the works. Hence same quality of violence…magnified to suit to the larger picture that RGV’s tried to paint.

The shooting has been done from a wide variety of angles with the camera being positioned and moved from a few unexpected positions. Colours of the movie suit the ambience really well. Lighting has been carefully manipulated for a profile view in majority of scenes.
The play of words is very interesting in a few dialogues. My favourite being the exchanges between Ash and Abhi on their first trip to the hinterland. though, most of the dialogues are quite predictable.
Bringing in more characters was a nice ploy, the ‘intricacies’ of politics could then be easily explained.

Background score isn’t very well done. In quite a few scenes the music playing wasn’t in sync with the intense expression on the actor [specifically Bachchan Sr.], diluting the impact that was meant to have been made. Though, 2-3 scenes where Veena/Sitar strains have been used…did manage to create the near-perfect feel.

Kailash Kher’s song is simply brilliant! This man has a dual-strain in his voice which gives you goose-bumps every time he renders a sufi or a soul-stirring number.
"Saam…Daam…Dand…Bhed" have been very intelligently used by the lyricist for this flick. Over the centuries this has been used and passed on to achieve the desired results!

The director leaves scope for a next movie carried forward from this one. That announcement will be made soon!

Amitabh Bachchan… reams have been dedicated to every conceivable characteristic of his personal and professional life. Needless to say, he doesn’t disappoint us. He completely justifies ALL the close-ups done on him!

Abhishek…WHOEVER thinks he’s handsome?! He has adopted an understated style of acting, in keeping with the character’s persona. does deliver a nice clean act despite knowing tht he'll be wiped out in this movie! tht's called dedication!

Ash….hah! has tried really hard over the years. But then, acting is a difficult thing to do. Haven’t u yet realised that, lady?

I terribly missed the actor who played Amrita’s role!!!!! I hope they show her in the next one.
I miss seeing the bevy of sexy cars from Sarkar’s fleet!

Sarkaar Raaj’s still gonna take some time to prove it’s mettle at the box office. Irrespective of whether the producer incurs profit or not… this movie is okay for a one-time watch. the film gives an interesting insight into the brains needed to be in power and the things people can do to achieve, retain and regain power. as anyone who's tasted even a bit of power [in any way/area] will know [and agree]...it's addictive. like tasting blood...once u've had it....u juz can't let go of tht high! this movie is a decent example of the things people can and DO do to avoid the withdrawal symptoms of this addiction!