August 28, 2009

uber narcissicistic!

प्रियम्वद राधिका!

रंगबिरंगी, खूबसूरत, प्यारी सी
तितली की तरह चंचल सी
एक अनजानी लड़की, अब बन गई है पक्की सहेली
राधिका रानी, जो अब है राधिका दीदी

उछलती, कूदती, levitate करती
एक पक्के मन की लड़की
करती है हर एक काम ...
अपने मन की सुनती

जिसके संग रहकर
मैं मैं हूँ, और वो वो
कोई ढोंग कोई दिखावा
बस अपनापन बिना छलावा l

उम्मीद थी, एक साँवली सी
dungarees और black tee में घूमती यह लड़की
मेरे इतने करीब होगी
वह भी इतनी जल्दी

अब जो हो,
तो मैं खुश हूँ
हमेशा यूँ ही रहना
प्यारी, थोड़े गुस्सेवाली, लाड करती,
vibes-conscious मेरी बहना
जा रही हो कई कि.मी. दूर
पर दिल से जाना
हमें जाने को कहना

आती रहना,
बतियाती रहना
जीवन में जो भी करो ... सफल होना
यही हमारी कामना .. हमेशा खुश रहना!

-कोमल अग्रवाल

this blogger would like to thank the very sweet author of this poem from deep down under. i'll not lie...i'm way beyond the cirro-stratus!!! to Komal...MUAH!!!

August 1, 2009


A reality show *ing MJ

Put together a few real characters. Mix it with some logical [or so-called?!] sequence of events. Stir in a li’l bit of drama. Garnish with a peppy sound-track. And VOILA! What have we?! A veritably identifiable product acting as a mirror to OUR [read as educated, ambitious, globalised and err.. ‘realistic’] times.

This is a story spanning 4 years in the life of a pair of young adults, who dare to dream and can go to any lengths to convert them into reality. ANY lengths? Well…that’s what the climax suggests! Some dream are clear and obvious, others are hazy. It’s the hazy ones that mislead us into believing that ONLY the dreams which are crystal clear are meant to be realized, not others.

LOVE AAJ KAL is a some-what poignant story of MEERA and JAI [MJ!] who are fair enough to breakaway from ‘love’ to pursue their professional dreams. But do they REALLY take a break?! The movie has a contemporary feel and is a telling tale of the times that we live in. it’s all about being ‘instant’! In the pursuit of this instant gratification, one may push to the back sources which seemingly create obstacles in the achievement of our dream and consequent gratification. Ironically, it IS these sources that we derive support from, not just instant but also long-lasting!!!

The lead stars are affable and the on-screen chemistry between them is striking. The dimpled and dainty damsel proves a striking match to the effervescent Khan. Saif, of course, has mastered this art from his first solo hit “Hum Tum”. Only JAI is more fickle, and obviously a very ‘today’ guy!!! He looks a li’l old for his character, though.

Deepika, as always, is lovely and a pleasure to watch…whiff of fresh air! Duds like CC2C [she worked very hard for it] n Bachna Ae Haseeno [a self-proclaimed hit] have done little to stop this beauty from establishing a firm foothold in the film industry. The styling for her character [by Anahita Shroff Adajania] is true-to-times. A very wearable fashion and minimal make-up, add more certainty to the reality of Meera’s character. My favourite is the peach-coloured chiffon wedding-saree. Absolutely STUNNING..both..the outfit..AND..the wearer!!! but even before that, there is the adorable yellow mini [see image]...this one's on top of the 'to-buy' list!!!

Dialogues of the movie are crisp and devoid of any OTT theatrics, a characteristic feature of most previous hindi movies. Times have been successfully shown changing via ROCK ON and similar movies.

To conclude… a VERY watchable flick. though the first half of the movie is quite slow and not much's picks up well in the 2nd half! Usage of streety hindi dialogues in some places adds oodles of authenticity to the on goings. The old joke of ‘mango man’[aam aadmi] has been immortalized on screen as ‘mango ppl’ [aam junta/log]!

One song which perfectly suits the gist of this movie... MY HEART WILL GO ON...