November 15, 2005

Chetan Bhagat 2

Nearly 2 weeks after Chetan Bhagat’s (the author of the –ahem-ahem!!- bestseller “Five Point Someone- What not to do at IIT) latest offering ONE NIGHT @ THE CALL CENTER hit the stores, I laid my hands on one.

As the title clearly suggests, the book records incidents taking place in a sequence, over the span of around 11.5 hours.

The back cover reads, “Welcome to one night @ the call center, another witty, dark novel from award-winning author of the nation bestseller Five Point Someone.”

a) WHICH awards did the author win???
b) The book isn’t all ‘that’ dark. Witty? A li’l bit. But ‘dark’, hmm…….anyone wanna define it?

It took me nearly 4 hours to devour the book. Yeap…in1 sitting, flat!! It didn’t hurt, BECAUSE, this book is kinda fast-moving. (The only other authors, whom I’d like to put in that category, are Shobhaa De n Farrukh Dhondy.)

The author’s pretty straight forward in whatever he wants to say. No beating around the bush!! Not short, but crisp for sure.

He’s actually put down the so-called pre-decided series of event prevalent in society. It just ended up as being corny. Everyone knows what he/she is gonna go through. What someone else has gone through. And what someone else will go through. Writing them down, was probably his way of alerting people who live in their own sweet world!!
Sample this, “ ‘…it’s the girl who always gets to choose. Men propose and women accept the proposal or, as in many cases reject it.’

It’s true. Girls go around rejecting men like it is their birthright. They have no idea how much it hurts us. I read that the reason for this is that the female of the species has to bear their offspring with a lot of effort. Hence they choose their mates carefully. Meanwhile, men dance around, spend cash, make them laugh, write stupid poems, anything to win them over. The only species where courting works in reverse is the sea horse. …I wished I were a sea horse. How hard can it be to carry a couple of eggs in a backpack?”

Well, the narrator is trying to be real. Not bad! But, I’m sure, there r far better reasons why women get to chose, n why it is not the reverse!!!!!!

Apart from the above, there are a few other instances, where the narrator gets real. Really real!

It gives u an insight into the hierarchy at a call center. And a brief idea about what all a call center agent MIGHT have to go through!

I’d recommend this book only if,

* u wanna follow up on what exactly happens??

* U JUST want to read this one, because u read the last one. And wanna be one of those, ‘ well-informed’ ones!!!!

* U think, it might help u, and lastly,

* U wanna do some time pass. As in, getting really bored? Okay with the idea of reading something, it might relax u? well the, GO AHEAD and grab a copy!

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  1. this post is a lil about book , its my first post so guys as she says the book will relax u cos its too easy and flowing. havent finished as yet.