January 16, 2006

Juz wat did he say??

British treasury chief Gordon Brown said on 14th Jan. ’06 that Britons should be more patriotic and openly celebrate their nation’s history, achievements and culture. “Think for a moment: what is the British equivalent of the US Fourth of July, or even the French 14th of July for that matter,” said Brown, the heir-apparent to PM Tony Blair in a speech to the Labour Party’s Fabian Society.

Ahem, Dude…that’s what happens when your country’s history comprises ONLY of going around colonising the world and trying to bring as large a no. as possible underneath the Crown. Well, when almost every nation around the world has an Independence Day to be proud of, you guys lose out on one (and a VERY important day) reason to celebrate!! Poor guys!!

Maybe, just maybe, the scenario would’ve been slightly different if the Brits wouldn’t have gone around the world trampling already happy/ self-sufficient/ independent civilisations.
Well, simply put, it’s a classic case of,
“As you sow, so shall you reap.”
Celebrate! Celebrate!!

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