May 29, 2006


Hey…. I am posting in my blog after what seems like centuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leaving the faff aside I’ll just get on with the works!!!!!!!!!

I saw ‘The DaVinci Code’ on 27th May, 2006. Not TOO late considering the movie was released in India the previous day!!

Well, I don’t have much to say about the movie. Nice flick. I am leaving the flogging to the critics… that’s what they’ve done ALL over the world…. From Cannes to Canary!!
People….. TAKE A BREAK!!!!!!

Juz relax n have a dekko. The movie is an unpretentious piece of fiction trying hard to be a racy thriller. But….. simply put…’s cool. Don’t bother about who’s saying WHAT!

You don’t need to have read the book to watch the film. I didn’t!! and I will not. Yeah… u MIGHT have many points contention if you have been the reader as well as the viewer of this thingy… but that’s okay. It juz shows that ur brains r in place n well oiled!!

Though, it’d help if u have some idea about the history of Christianity. No…. not for establishing whether Christ fathered someone or not. But just to be at ease when the Pagans and their likes come into the scene (not literally).

My fav. scene... when Sophie drives her cute car backwards at a somewhat neck-breaking speed.

My fav. dialogue… “The French cannot be trusted.”


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