June 17, 2007


Bangalore has become synonymous with the IT boom in the country. And, of course, who can forget… ‘My job got BANGALORED’!!!
Well… on ground…it’s still very much an Indian city… with it’s slightly unique flavour. The public transport system is almost non-existent. Consequently the roads are choked with private cars and auto-rickshaws. All this leads to unbearable levels of pollution and… as expected….increased travelling time. I had a tissue perpetually clung to my nose ALL the time when on road...:-(
It was due to this terrible congestion in most parts of the day, tht plans of mall-hopping had to cancelled! Urs truly visited juz one mall -FORUM- which had a somewhat cosmo crowd…. ‘coz u could see a lot of people who were not looking typically like natives and were speaking in the common Indian languages.
The heading of this post is so… mainly due to awful amounts of fuel exhaust guzzling from vehicles. And to the crowds of execs smoking outside their snazzy offices. N ‘crowd’ could be due to common levels of stress or… peer pressure! [yeah…peer pressure isn’t all tht prevalent in THAT age group….but it’s certainly NOT non-existent!]
Something weird about the city is its speed breakers…which are, essentially, extended from centre in their design. Juz WHAT purpose does tht serve? Also… the city is lacking in presence of dust bins. The city did appear to be mostly clean. But….. it could surely do with some dust bins for public use.
The weather of that city would spoil anybody’s. the closest any other metro would come to b’lore in terms of a lovely weather… is Mumbai. Tht’s it! It was nice to see soooooooooooo many trees across the city. They were partially reminiscent of New Delhi’s boulevards.
To conclude, I had loadsa fun in my short stay out there. M certainly gonna go there for more fun sometime in the future… it’s a well laid-out and pretty inviting, if I may say so!


  1. What?! You want to go their go get choked? If so, make sure you're a chimney in Banglore in your next life! (just kidding)

    well written!!

  2. THANK YOU, Preeto!!!:D!!