November 7, 2008


This blogger is an extremist! Hence, views expressed in this piece are an expression of the immense love and respect I have for MY Preeto! But, before you go on, lemme just clarify…this is NOT an obituary. Period.
So…my emotional anchor…my only security blanket in the NAVAL GIRLS HOSTEL has left the hostel. [and everyone who was informed by this blogger of her departure, disbelievingly asked, “FOREVER?!] Well, thankfully, she’s left only the hostel-a temporary place of stay- and not the permanent place of a special person that she occupies in our [and especially THIS blogger’s] hearts!!!
I regret not being able to give her a ‘send off’ from the venue that’d made us meet. I don’t remember our first conversation [definitely not a long get-to-know-each-other types]…but we simply clicked! The 2nd time her saw her…I remembered her from the last meet…not her name, though! And then… the rest is a history Preeti [ ] and I deeply cherish.
After the above…there seems no need to indulge in some more ‘intro.’!!!
I WILL MISS HERTERRIBLY!!!!! she was the only person with whom i could be a kid. More than ‘her’ [‘coz she’s habituated us to her absence!]…I will miss…her green-n-blue bandhini night suit…her casual bear-like stride…her lustrous hair…a voice[slightly husky] that I can recognize anywhere [it made me sprint and come back just to check if it’s her and so I could see her before that exam…’coz we didn’t get to see her on working mornings!]
Can’t say what I’ll miss the most… her exquisite smile [oh! That curling in of the upper lip when she flashes her pearlies…killer!] or her distinctive style of nailing the point on it’s head AND hitting it hard!!!!!
If this seems like a bagful of goodies whose paeans can be sung relentlessly…lemme assure you…it is NOT so!!! A positive and a negative make one neutral. To strike the perfect balance in one’s persona is impossible… it’s only a matter of opinion. This beauty has just the right amount of negative. And whether it’s ACTUALLY a negative or not is, of course, a matter of perception!
Apart from providing unwavering support for a plethora of personal and professional issues, she was [yeah...”WAS”…because it will be quite some time before I will be able to invite her for my bashes] a constant feature in ALL my jam sessions. Preeto…THANK YOU for coming… you were a pleasure to dance with…can’t forget our ‘hips don’t lie’ video!
As closing remarks…I HAVE A DEMAND!!! Well…I wish you ALL THE BEST for your future endeavours! And may you find your “one love” soon!
Oh my Jiju…WHERE ART THOU?!!?!!

P.S. - [i] I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ankit Chowdhary [for not bringing up copyright issues] and Ms. Preeti Datar for very graciously letting me address her as Preeto!
[ii] I will be ever grateful to Preeto for introducing me to one of the most creative people i've met...Mr. Vikash! [bihari...IITian...humourous...etc.! LETHAL COMBO?!!!!] 


  1. आज मौन को कहने दो!
    अनकही समझ सको तो समझो - वरना रहने दो.
    आज मौन को कहने दो!

  2. Vikashji...aapke comment ke liye bahut-bahut DHANYAWAAD!!! afsos...hum 'maun' ke bahut bade fan nahin hain!
    once again...THANKS a zillion! it means a LOT to me...n u knw tht!

  3. Razdee (zing effect!)

    A blog post dedicated to me speaks volumes for our friendship. I'm sorry to have left you anaath in the hostel, but hey, log to aate jaate rehte hai....par ye dosti kayam rakhna.

    Thanks for the wonderful parties, pastas, new attitute towards things and the vulnerability that makes you so special. Thanks for the late-nights, the random fights and ofcourse for being there for me. You do bug me at times, maybe like a little sister, and at times you bug me too much, but maybe everything you do is beacuse you do love me, just like I do and hope to keep doing...

    Can't wait for your daughter to call me preeto(my adopted real name :P) maasi and hopefully by then the jiju would have arrived!!

    Leke I told you yesterday night, a blog for me is indeed special and I'm sorry for being a late-lateef....but for me the relationship is more important and you know it right?! I hope I can surprise you sometime, with something that you cannot help but Love! In the meantime, keep smiling, and mingling!!

    Preeto (:D ---> tried making the curled up smile, but no one can beat me at it, not even this emoticon!!)

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  5. I'M HONOURED!!!!!!! even if the jiju wudn't hv arrived [well...i'm sure he'd hv..tht's my prediction!]...GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    forget abt surprises....i love u ANY WHICH WAYS!!!!!!

    i hope u don't think i'm obsessed abt u....'s juz tht...i'm an extremist!!!!!!!

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