September 24, 2009

High UP!!!

Disney has an undeniably veritable history of producing endearing children’s entertainers. Over the past few years, their collaboration with Pixar has resulted in a distinctive style of story-telling with unassuming yet obvious portrayal of the fundamental human emotions. Their characters are well-etched, cutely animated and never fail to tug at the viewer’s heart. Case in point- Finding Nemo, Wall.E and now UP!!!

This movie epitomises the spirit of endurance in an adorable way! There really is a lot of power in persistence. Ultimately, you DO get what you want. And malicious intentions also reach their appropriate end. It’s all about believing in what you want and then pursuing it with diligence and a dash of tenacity!

The blogger will refrain from saying anything even remotely negative about UP...’coz there is NOTHING under that blanket! It is an upbeat film, taut and well made providing moments of thrill, drama, ingenuity, affection, et al packed in 1.5 hours! The old adage- “A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND WORDS” has been brilliantly used to convey a lot without unnecessary dialogues. The flick manages to keep the viewer’s attention intact without letting it flounder.

The ‘little one’ of this film represents the average American child – not in great physical shape and incomplete parentage, but the universal ‘child’ at heart enjoying ‘boring’ things! [Well, who doesn’t?!] He has his own ideas about the world ‘out there, quite a few of which get debunked.

Possibilities [both bright and of grim] of the future have been ably communicated via this movie and WALL.E.

This movie is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. It’s a must watch for people of ALL ages. Those who dismiss animated movies as ‘cartoons for children’ should go with an open mind and look BEYOND what is shown on the screen to pick up or refresh some important life-lessons!!! a B-I-G THUMBS UP!!!

This the first 3D Animation flick from the Disney-Pixar stable. Alas..the blogger had to see it in normal format..even though the theatre was a multiplex in an upmarket mall..:-(

PS:- The initial animated sequence of “Gods above the clouds MAKE babies and then the “stork comes visiting” to deliver them … utterly cute and delightful!!!


  1. Hi Radhika,
    Thanks for updating me about your thoughts, ideas and work through this blog.
    I find it very interesting about titles you give such as.... Thought Factory..... High Up......... Sexy mom..... and name of your blog itslf...... Vicharkhana......
    Keep it up.....
    all the best...

  2. Vipulji...THANK YOU sooooooooooo much for ALL the appreciation!!!! they r much valued!