January 30, 2010

NSD Fest

“Vichitra kintu satya…”

Manav Kaul has earned numerous accolades as a young theatre personality. This blogger wasn’t able to catch any of his productions in Bombay due to distance issues. So when “AISA KEHTE HAIN” was to be staged as a part of the NSD Annual Theatre Fest, I was up on my toes to watch it. Of course, it ain’t as easy as it seems! Luckily, an acquaintance from NSD sneaked us in the theatre before the performance was to be begin, and we stayed put…watching the play from the aisle! To make it better, there was even a short rendezvous with the director after his final rehearsal!

Personally, this blogger found the play just about okay. Individually the threads of the play are identifiable and have a rooting in reality. But what binds these separate threads is a sense of abstractness. And as it is with most works in the abstract, there is no clear theme fathomable!

As Kaul puts it, “The many stories within the play stand independently, strung together by a pliant and subjective thread. Everything is a collage – the little stories, the motley characters, the songs and the main story – all thrown together in a salad bowl. I love salads!” We saw that!

One line which caught the blogger’s attention was addressing of the unknown as “HEY VICHITRA KINTU SATYA!!!” [O…strange but true!]. Interesting!

Also see http://www.mumbaitheatreguide.com/dramas/hindi/24_preview_aisa_kehte_he.asp


  1. In case you are interested, Manav writes here: http://aranyamanav.blogspot.com/

  2. ah!!! THANK YOU, Vikashji!! i do VERY clearly remember...u narrating with utter excitement...'i follow his blog. n even HE follows MINE'!!:D!!