April 21, 2008


The culture vulture spreads it's wings!!!

On 19th evening Mom, Bhaiya n I went for a play by EKJUTE at the IHC [by DTC again!]. It was titled BEGUM JAAN directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar.

This venture plays out on the theme of social commentary, comparing the golden ages with today’s materialistic pursuits. The elements of humour AND sarcasm have been subtly infused in the dialogues. If one goes on a mental holiday during the performance, too sad for them!

The stage design was very tastefully done. Not too cluttered…with enough space for actors to move around and well set to demarcate various areas of a house.

The background score is apt, except for in some scenes where the music was incongruent. Those, of course, were few and far in between.

Though there were many dialogues that tugged at my heartstrings… there are only a few I’d like to mention here. [b’coz I was too lazy to note down all my favourites…m relying on my memory for a reproduction of some of them]

  • At a point…Begum Jaan poignantly speaks out about her inability to move out of her time warp. She says… “makdi jaalaa saath lekar nahin chalti. Par jaale ke bina reh bhi toh nahin sakti!”
  • When the journo says that he’s needs some time to decide whether he’ll marry Begum’s young granddaughter, she tersely, but thoughtfully says, “apne faisle khud liya karo. Jo faisle waqt leta hai… who kabhi sahi nahin hote!”
  • And THIS is my favourite. Though I’m a champion of independence… I was in splits [as was everyone else in the audience] when she said it. The scene was between granddaughter n Begum Jaan. The former, when being asked by the latter about the scribe-cum-tenant’s background, told that he’s a DIG’s son. But he doesn’t like taking favours from anyone…wants to stand on his own two feet. To this, Begum contemptuously shoots… “aaj-kal ke bachche…maan-baap ka ehsaan nahin lena chahte! Toh unse kaho…paida bhi khud hi se ho jaayein!!!”
The Delhi crowd at such venues is a very refined one. one gets to see a lot of plump couples, salt and pepper hair, immaculately dressed ladies [oh! those classy chiffon sarees!], all the regalia is played out quite well!

PS: i feel REALLY happy when i take mom out for such events. incidentally, i'm the one who's taken her for all the 3 plays that she's seen to date. and co-incidentally...all of them have been EKJUTE's productions!

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