April 22, 2008


[i can't believe i'm actually doing this.......but yeah....this post is gonna be very sketchy. though, honestly...i'd love to go in the details...but sorry...m too lazy to do that right now!]

21st april... quite an interesting day. met a very dear friend [at around 11am]...and spend 4 hours...talking...talking...and LOADSA talking! didin't realise how time flew away!!!

in the evening....took mom to IHC for a kathak recital. since the entry was free...we reached 50 min.s before the scheduled time. but...no avail! there was a conference going on ....and the guard said tht it'll get over by 6.30pm.... then they'll clean the hall...and THEN entry will begin.

so both us strolled on to other parts of IHC...and reached the Visual Arts Gallery. i got engrossed with their notice board announcing various arty events across the city... some workshops, art camps, etc.
and then...there was this aunty...an army officer's wife who got talking to me. n after some time...i was like...she's so pakau!!! B-U-T...this lady's juz not ready to part! i had to go for my event...she said 'bye'...and still continued to talk!!! FINALLY...mom got me freed from her!!!!!

the show began by 7:15pm. there were 2 female performers [apart frm the musicians, of course]. one of them was learning from a guru for the past 10 years...and the other was a Sri Lankan...learning for the past 5 yrs...frm the same guru.
the difference on years in learning showed in the quality of both the performers. they did 3-4 pieces. i enjoyed watching them. and the best...was saved for the last! they did a "TARAANAA"...which basically showcases the influence of the Mughals on this Indian dance form. these artists changed their costume for the Taraanaa. the performance itself was also VERY beautiful. undoubtedly, it was the show stopper of the evening!!!

every viewing of a kathak recital makes me more inclined towards this beautiful performing art. and it also strengthens my desire to learn it some day!!!

bhaiya had come to IHC to escort us back home! we boarded a DTC and headed back. while walking back from the bus stop...we decided to go to Bikanerwala for sweet-shopping!!!

so we mom till the building and headed to Bikanerwala. firstly...we didn't get and auto...and whenever someone agreed...we didn't agree with the price asked for!
so...ultimately...we ended up reaching Bikanerwala by foot! i guess it's almost 1.5 kms frm home. once there...bhaiya n i had a sumptous dinner! this was followed by some lovely Indian desserts! then we picked up the sweets and left for home.
this time...thankfully...we had walk for just about 00 mt.s and a rick agreed. we reached home at 10 min.s to 11pm. and when mum opened the door.... i jokingly said... "see...we reached before the deadline!!!"

well...there's no official 'deadline', of course!!!

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