April 21, 2008


'twas the usual relaxed sunday. after watching ROADIES 5.0 in the afternoon and having a sumptous lunch of rajma-chawal with dahi ...all of us dozed off.

finally, in the evening...bhaiya and i headed to Purana Quila to find out about the passes for a play that's being staged there. after getting the details we went [by DTC] to Haldiram's South Ext. outlet and digged into some delicious snacks. he had raj kachori with 'blue ocean' [which i think...was one of the colas...blue in colour!]. i had a samosa [i don't even remember the last time i had a haldiram's samosa!] along with sweet lassi.

although we wanted to sweet-shopping at their outlet...but there was nothing interesting enough!!!

and then...there was this unexpected call from a delhi friend ...who said that even she's in south ex. along with her bro n a pal. after some confusion about the location, bhaiya n i finally reached where those guys were. after hanging around in the ColorPlus shop and helping her pal decide on his buy we moved out.

next stop was the Sai Baba mandir at Lodhi Road which the other bro wanted to go to. this guy...whose car it was... is a TYPICAL delhi driver!!! GOSH!!!!!!!!! i'm happy nothing untoward happened!
he dropped us at our place....and this evening's masti reached it's desired conclusion!!!

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