March 12, 2010

Rang BARSE!!!:D!!!


Holi is an important marker in the Hindu calendar. Different parts of the country have various significances associated with this date. But, for a kid…it is…simply… The festival of colours!!!

This blogger has tried to be at a different location for Holi every year, for the past couple of years. It always is a pleasant experience because EVERY place has its own unique ‘feel’ of Holi!!! This year, we headed to the famed and haloed campus of the JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY, New Delhi for being coloured!!!

It was an entirely dry ‘playing’, except for being sprinkled with some water by a young cousin. The festival had a somewhat ‘grown up’ feeling for us this time. It felt great saving a lot of water by not playing wet Holi. Of course, that also meant not having too much of residual colours on the skin!

While heading back home, we shared the auto-rickshaw with a Professor from Poland. He was all ga-ga over the festivities and colours! Someone told him that THIS playing in the campus was ‘civilised’. And he was wondering how would ‘uncivilised’ be then! Well, I gave him ample examples of how rowdy and crude could it get!

In conclusion, we had a nice, short and sweet ‘Holi’. It was truly 'RANG BARSE'...and no 'bheegi chunar'!!! NOTHING beats the Surat experience, though! The options for next year are
already being contemplated!

PS: That guy was a Prof. of Sociology and Anthropology!!! Yes, we had common stuff to talk about !:P!


  1. hmm....a civilised HOLI...sounds drab! Do try Bihar next time! It'll be wild :)

    As for me, I've been holidaying each Holi for the last 3 years and loving it ! :)

  2. yeah...Bihar's MY state...obviously it's high on the list!!!:D!!! n..'civilised' does NOT hv to be drab..we cud spare those silver color used in bombay...n muck in sm other parts!:P!